Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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Pundit Kitchen needed a little Photoshop-fu ...


BobG said...

Can't see any argument with that. Any time the Congress is dominated by the same party as the POTUS, it means trouble. I'd rather see them bumping heads all the time, so they can leave us alone.

“I vote for the candidate that I believe will paralyze the government the most. The last thing we need is a fully functional government looking for something to do.”
-spotted on a blog

wolfwalker said...

Cute cartoon, but blatantly wrong. Remember, when the GOP took over both houses in 1994, it was the first time that had happened since WW2. Meanwhile, the presidency usually changes parties every other election.

The real problem is that for the last seventy years, no matter which party claims to be running Congress, the leaders were all educated in a post-New-Deal world that assumes "the way to get things done is by passing new federal laws," and teaches that the people serve the Government (ie, THEM) and not the other way round. They all believe that being elected automatically means they're smarter than us schmucks who elected them. Naturally, they then conclude they could run our lives better than we can. So they write laws that seize more power for the federal government. They never pass laws that go the other way, distributing power back to the states or the citizens.