Thursday, October 8, 2009

Global Warming can do anything

It can even cause snow days in October:

This may be one for the record books, not only how early this heavy fall snowstorm is, but the fact that it appears to have created the earliest snow day in the history of the Blaine County School District.

“We got dumped on last night, you can see that by looking around here. We weren't quite ready for it. It did cause us some issues in the school district," Lonnie Barber, Blaine County Superintendent.

Not just the school district, but throughout the county. At least 3,500 Idaho Power customers in the Wood River Valley were without electricty today. Utility officials blame heavy wet snow for knocking out power in Bellevue and Hailey. Outages were also reported in Fairfield and Carey.

It opens Ski Resorts early:
Boasting its earliest opening day in 40 years, Loveland officials opened for skiing today. Arapahoe Basin announced it would open Friday.
They're not the only ones:
The 2009-2010 season at the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort is underway, the earliest the resort has ever been open.Unseasonably cold nighttime temperatures and aggressive snowmaking efforts have produced snow on Chair Three,
But hey, that's just the Wild, Wild West, right? Localized conditions, right? Oh, wait:
It was colder this morning in Port Huron [Michigan] than it has been in more than seven decades.

The Port Huron waste water treatment plant recorded a temperature of 32 degrees at 8 a.m., one degree colder than the record low set Oct. 1, 1935, according to information from the National Weather Service in Oakland County’s White Lake Township.

Meh. Flyover Country. It's not newsworthy until it happens on one of the coasts. Err, waitaminute:
Daytona Beach International Airport reported a record-tying low of 58 degrees at 3:33 a.m. That tied the previous record set back in 2001, when we had another cool start to October.
I think there's another record that's just been broken: the number of days in a row that the Mastodon Main Stream Media has been pushing the ZOMGWe'reAllGonnaDie Thermageddon story, in the face of widespread lower temperatures. And not just recently, either.

But the whole Global Warming industry has a solid "Truthiness" feel to it, and the Left would never ignore the scientific record because it conflicted with their political ends, right? I mean, it's only those evil Rethuglicans who undermine science - it's right there in the New York Times' Style Guide.

Well, it would explain a lot if it were in the guide.

Hat tip: Rick, via email.


Paladin said...

This seeming contradiction is easily explained, Borepatch.

Global Warming is so 2007.. the new acceptable terminology is Climate Change. We've found that its much more soothing to the mouth breathers, when we use more generic, adaptable labels.

Now.. if you'll just have a seat in the comfy chair while I attach the electrodes, we can commence with the thought re-alignment... this won't hurt after a minute or two....

TOTWTYTR said...

Remember it's "Global Climate Change", except when it's local. In which case it's evidence of "Global Climate Change".

In other news, wasn't this supposed to be another incredibly active Hurricane System? Mega storms, worse than Katrina, ocean warminging, etc?

How's that again? Tropical Storm Henri is just a mere remnant of himself. Funny how the Lame Stream Media isn't talking about that. I guess it's no fun without Bush to blame.

Apparently El Nino isn't following the narrative and as a result the US (and Canada) will get a colder, longer, and snowier winter than even last year's suckarama.

Anonymous said...

We have persistent snow here, but that isn't a big surprise. People have still taken the summer break to forget how to drive on it, though.


PS - If you're in Albuquerque, be aware that when it comes to green and red salsa, it is precisely counter-intuitive.