Saturday, October 3, 2009

Quote of the day

On the Zombie-like refusal of "Hockey Stick" climate analyses to just give up and die:
At this point, spending much time on the effort to discredit variations of the hockey stick analysis is a bit like spending time debunking phlogiston as the key element of combustion.
Hey, don't let all of the phlogiston out of the Mastodon Main Stream Media's bubble-jar! What do you expect them to breathe?

Click through to his post, which is an outstanding overview of scientific understanding of climate through the years, Michael Mann and the "Hockey Stick" so beloved of the MSM, and the truly tiny group of scientists who are responsible for 90% of the studies.

Fraud, incestuous in-group clique dynamics, shocking paucity of data* - it's all on display. In the unlikely event that a journalist stumbles across this post, this is where you start. It's the Story of the Century, and it's all yours, Scooter.

* The number of trees used in the latest tree ring analysis? Twelve Ten. That's some impressive data set, right there.

UPDATE 3 October 2009 18:43: Ten trees, not twelve. The next post has the details, and interesting details they are.


TOTWTYTR said...

I love this stuff! You've done a great job with this BP.

Borepatch said...

TOTWTYTR, thanks. You should actually thank the lovely and impatient Mrs. Borepatch, who this morning said "you haven't posted on Global Warming in a while."

TOTWTYTR said...

LOL! Maybe she should get her own blog. I haven't posted on Global Warming in a while either. I'm glad you picked this one up.