Monday, October 5, 2009

On this day in history

The first episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus aired. The world was never the same. It took a couple years before it came over to this side of The Pond, but I was watching it religiously on PBS by 1973. Yes, I really am that old.

It's terribly hard to sum up their work in a single clip, but a single clip is obligatory on times like these. So rather than posting one of their more famous ones, I'm posting the one that was Mom's favorite - that she would repeat and laugh at whenever they came up in conversation.

It's hard to overstate their influence on the modern world of teh Intarwebz, as anyone who's ever opened their email to find a bucket o' Spam can attest. And they've launched a thousand skits, as this insanely clever Lego Holy Grail shows.

My kids loved Holy Grail. And I never had to explain Castle Anthrax. It was a double win!


ASM826 said...

Maybe raccoon taming could be the intermediate step.

Anonymous said...



Brad_in_MA said...

And Google didn't change their banner to reflect this ever important day? For shame on Google, for shame.

- Brad_in_MA

Lissa said...

Loved the Lego skit! And am amused that they substituted a parrot for the kitty :)

TOTWTYTR said...

I watched it in England in 1975, which I think was after it's initial run was over. Then came back home and found it on PBS. We only had one TV in the house back then, well most people only had one. My parents would let me watch this, but they never got the humor.

I still laugh when I see Flying Circus on TV, as old as the shows are.

Like most British humor, it's an acquired taste. Like warm beer, only better.