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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Gormogons cause Global Warming

Stay with me here.

The Silicon Graybeard brings teh smart about solar activity, sunspots, and Global Warmenning.  Go RTWT.  I'll wait.

It's all there, all nicely tied up with a bow.  The only thing missing is the greeting card (probably carved in bloody runes on parchment with a dagger) from The Gormogons, saying "We may or may not have been playing magnetic games with the sun.  Enjoy this next winter, suckers."

I mean, it's all there: The Mandarin with his solar "experiments" (and inscruitability, no extra charge), GorT for the time travel (how else do you go back in time to change - sorry, sorry: "adjust" - all the old temperature readings), and the Czar (for the bloody runes; and just where is Dat Ho, anyway?).  I kind of suspect that Al Gore is actually one of The Volgi's life size anamatronic experiments, but that's really just conjecture.

It's a brilliant scheme, which just reinforces the suspicion that your Gormogons are behind it.


The Big Guy said...

They were the reason the phrase
"There's method to this madness" was coined...

(You sure letting the cat outta the bag is a good idea? I mean, I know Camp, uh, sorry, Fortress Borepatch is secure, but is it myrmidon proof? 'Cause the minions might be payin' a visit to have a little chat...)

bluesun said...

You probably should have kept this to yourself...

Dan said...

Blogfather, are you nuts?? The first rule of Gormogonian weather control: there is no Gormogonian weather control! I hope you don't get gut-booted.

Graybeard said...

It's so obvious when you trace it like that!

(Facepalm) Why didn't I think of that??

DirtCrashr said...

They LIE when they say, no one ever washes a rental car, because I DID - but I was working under-the-table Schwartzarbeit like a Mexican for the rental-car company in Vienna. I also drove them/some out to the airport (to balance the numbers) and brought some back to be washed. Call me Jose Gumpertaler.