Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who ever heard of a loud, clumsy ninja?

Unstealthiest Ninja T-shirt.  And the writeup is as funny as the shirt:
"Your master said you were the best at arterial spray in the whole dojo. Every slice of your blade brings gushing red joy to his old eyes. That counts for something, right?”

“Yeah, maybe. But stealth! Why can’t I get stealth down? Who ever heard of a loud, clumsy ninja? I dunno. Maybe I made a mistake. Maybe I should’ve gone into accounting like my parents told me to."

ASM826 needs one of these, bad.

They have a bunch of others, that are equally funny.


North said...

It has been a long time since I wasted money at www.woot.com.

shirt.woot.com has _some_ funny shirts, but most are a complete miss for me.

They can be great as gifts, though. Some of the shirts are so remarkably OFF that they make good gag gifts.

Home on the Range said...

I am in a hotel far away, ankle wrapped in tape and away wearing one of those walking boots on my right foot that is blue and looks like something a smurf would wear to the prom.

Let's just say that in transversing some squirrel territory in the dark of the night, I was as stealthy as an excited pony and trotted full tilt into something solid.

Nothing's broken, just some bruises and a couple butterfly bandaids where normally butterfly tats go.

Don't even SAY it. :-)