Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm not living in the future anymore, it ses

Last night, the WiFi in the hotel worked fine. Now it doesn't.

Posts later from Mom's house.

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Anonymous said...

I lost my Dad, who was my universe (still is), in 2003 when I was 53.

I think about him every day, I know that if my memories start to fade away, he and Mumma will be the last ones out that door...

Each person has to face that loss and loneliness in their own way, but I will tell you that it gets easier with time. Something that everyone tells you, and you already know. Still it bears repeating.

I will always be Daddy's Little Girl - the only 4 year old on the block who knew the difference between a flat head and a Phillips head screwdriver. You have your own memories and the pride they bring. They'll also bring smiles one of these days.

I can think about him now and smile, albeit with tears in my eyes. I believe that is a tribute to the good man that my Father was.

Peace, Brother.

(I found your site through reading That Little Redheaded Girl's blog, Bridget - I believe she and I were twins, separated at birth. She's a fine writer and I check in there and here frequently. Thanks for all the fun and thoughtful comments. I never leave comments, but I felt compelled to speak a word to you)

Borepatch said...

Anonymous, thanks.