Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Haiku

It's spring in Atlanta, and that means that it's time to visit the Botanical Garden.  I went last weekend, and it was spectacular.

Cumulus petals
all through the yard remind me
that I need Zirtec
The gardens are a lot bigger than when I lived here in the late 1990s.  Their display proves the rule that if you're going to plant tulips, plant them by the battalion, not by the squad.

I must admit, some are a bit frou-frou for my taste, although they are admittedly showy::

Half of Atlanta was there, but I guess there's a reason for that.  Just bring your allergy pills.


bluesun said...

There's not even flowers here yet and I'm already on two Zyrtec a day, supplementing the nasal spray, allergy shots, eye drops, and now antibiotics for the sinus infection.

I want to move back to MT where there's still snow. And no pollen.

Sabra said...

Tulips are my favorites.

We had a dry and mild winter, so the wildflowers are disappointing, but they're here. More buttercups than bluebonnets, but I'll take it.

And no one in this family is spared from allergies, even the baby.