Monday, March 14, 2011

And thus it started

I found his blog via the sorely missed Kim du Toit's place, and had been reading him for a while when he posted about Massachusetts gun laws:
This time [the letter is] from Ahab over at Call Me Ahab.
So I'm reading this article in Boston online about what a clusterfuck it is to get a carry permit; and I was wondering if you could shed some light on the laws surrounding that.

I'm working up a post on why pre-emption and "may-issue" sucks so hard, but since I don't live in Mass. I'm not that familiar with your silly-assed gun laws.

"Silly-assed" is being charitable, Ahab...

Anyhoo, because

a) I'm always hard up for good blog fodder; and
b) I'm a lazy sumbitch at heart and couldn't bear the thought of not milking my keystrokes for all they're worth,

I'll reproduce my response here...
Being still stranded behind enemy lines in the People's Republic, I sat up and paid attention.  Soon after, he posted an invitation to all New England gunbloggers to attend a "blogshoot".

Well dang, I said to myself, I've been meaning to start a blog ....

Happy 4th Blogiversary to my Blogfather.  I wouldn't be writing every day if he hadn't done the hoodoo that he do so well.  May the Road Rage never cease, and may you experience it in Steve McQueen's Porche.  It's not quite the same as your Dodge Earth F**ker™, but it'd do ...

Thanks for everything, Jay, especially your friendship.

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Jay G said...

Thank you, Ted. You have no idea how much that last line means to me.