Sunday, March 27, 2011

This seems useful

Isegoria (you do read him every day, right?) ponders the tradeoff we're all forced to make about range time: none of us can get there as often as we'd like (or would like to be able to afford) vs. dry firing simply doesn't offer the same level of practice.

But he found an interesting third way:
Patent lawyer and “practical” shooter Mike Hughes decided to develop an alternative, the SIRT training pistol, a replica Glock with an auto-resetting trigger and a pair of lasers, a red one activated by taking up slack and “prepping” the trigger and a bright green one activated by breaking the shot
More discussion and video at his post.  You'll want to RTWT.


Bob said...

Or, if you're a reloader and have a large basement (or even a large yard), you can simply use the late Bill Jordan's trick of making practice rounds using primers and wax bullets, as detailed in his book No Second Place Winner. Revolver shooters only, though.

George said...

The problem that I have had using lasers in this way is that it trains you to look at the target rather than the sights. At Gunsite, I was taught to focus on the front sight. It took a lot of work to change my instinct from looking at the target.

Isegoria said...

Thanks for the kind mention, Borepatch.

I don't have a SIRT yet — and I don't think the Easter Bunny's going to be that generous this year — but my understanding is that George's concern is perfectly normal, but target-focus is not actually a problem — at least for the highly skilled shooters who developed the tool and who regularly shoot live rounds too.

If the laser leaves a comet-tail, that's just part of their sight picture. Of course, not all of us are IPSC grandmasters who can already call our shots without a laser.