Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blogroll updates

Via email, Murphy barks that he has me on his blogroll.  I must confess that I have quite the soft spot in my heart for German Shepherd dogs.  But while my Jack was smart enough to figure out how to open doors, he never quite got the hang of how to get people to toss Mardi Gras beads at you.  I guess I never hard the heart to tell him that he didn't have what it takes ...

Also, I must be getting old.  They say that two things happen when you get old: you start to forget things, and I can't remember what the other is.  Well, I must have forgotten to add Excels At Nothing to the blogroll here.  Nancy's even cooking up springtime with Asparagus in French Rolls, which look completely yummy.  Plus 80 caliber charcoal burners - what's not to like?

I followed a Sitemeter referral back to The Kodiak Files, where the picture he has at the top of his blog makes me drool.  But he's not just a, err, pretty face - he brings good sense (especially for Murphy's Law, above):
We have always considered dogs as part of our family. My dog always goes where ever I go. I have even planned for my dogs in case TSHTF. Dogs are one of the most versatile tools a person can have in a survival situation. Dogs were one of the first domesticated animals and are called Man's best friend for a reason. A good dog can hunt, track, retrieve, carry supplies, they are good company, and can be trained to protect both people and property. In my opinion most dogs more productive than many of the people I know.

That is why I have packed a B.O.B for my dog.
Good advice, right there.  If you have a four footed family member, you'll want to RTWT.

Blogbrother PISSED is now blogging at The Feral Irishman.  He finds cool stuff, like Double Chocolate Vodka (does your Bug Out Bag have one?).  Plus, he beat me to Sonic Charmer's outstanding smackdown of the anti-war left.  The real definition of "an expert" seems to be someone who's five minutes ahead of PISSED.  Not so easy to do, it seems.

And last but not least, many of you have run across Bob Owens of Confederate Yankee.  Bob also runs a shooting-focused blog, Bob's Gun Counter.  Interesting stuff - for example, the old Russian armory at Tula seems to be privately owned now.  Cool.  Thanks for the blogroll, Bob.

Welcome to the Borepatch blogroll, everyone!  And the usual note: if you have a link up to me and I haven't noticed, please send me an email or leave a comment.


North said...

Those are really good blog roll additions. I'll have to poke at a few of those blogs, too.

Murphy's Law said...

Murphy the Dog will be bugging out with me, assuming that I ever have to leave my home/retreat. And he'll be sporting a doggie back-pack containing food, water, and a 100-round belt for the M60. I'll be damned if I leave that thing behind.

Oh--and Oliver got his Mardi Gras beads because hot drunk gals could never resist draping them around his neck while petting and even kissing him. Even Sandra Bullock gave him a kiss one day. I was never more jealous of a dog.

Daddy Hawk said...

I've had you linked on my blogroll since around the time of the I AM TJIC thing.

Borepatch said...

Murphy's Law, I'd respect a German Shepherd with a 100-round belt for an M60. I'd likely respect him anyway, but this would make it a cold, dead cinch.

Shepherd K, thanks for letting me know. I shall endeavor to not be an idiot in the next update, like I was in this one ...

Goober said...

I am an avid hunter (link over to my blog if you don't believe, me - every other post is about outdoor updates).

I have hunting dogs. My German Shorthaired pointer can actually provide my family with food if need be. My lab can, too, and both of them provide a portable space-heater for those cold nights on the trail (I've used them both as such on occasion, and they are quite good at it).

Another thing people forget about dogs is that they have way better senses than we puny humans do. My pointer let me know one dark night that a bear was coming. I wouldn't have even known until the bastard stumbled into camp, but with her at the edge of the fire-light growling and snarling at the thing, I had a solid ten minutes to get the shotty-gun out and loaded up with #4 3" magnum rounds (I was turkey hunting). I managed to convince the bear that coming into my camp that night was a bad idea, and both of us walked away unscathed.

Imagine the benefits of having an additional 10 minutes to prepare in a bug-out camp. And that isn't even something you have to train a dog to do - just watch them and they'll tell you if someone is coming. Yeah, if you have to get out of dodge, make sure you bring fido with you - you won't regret it.

Irish said...

Thanks for the kind words O' Blogbrother Borepatch... :D