Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring has sprung

The flowers are in bloom, and a kid needs a rescue inhaler for his asthma, brought on by the pollen.

No emergency, but back in a bit.


Bob said...

If it's Primatene, better lay in a good supply while you still can. Pretty soon inhalers will be gone the way of the 3-gallon toilet tank and incandescent bulb, sacrificed to Gaea.

Midwest Chick said...

I'm glad it's not an emergency, but spring south of the Mason-Dixon can be hard on people with lung issues. I remember pollen so thick it left a yellow haze on my car--and then trying to breathe.... not fun.

bluesun said...

I know exactly how he feels, and I am incredibly happy that zyrtec is no longer a prescription drug.

Lissa said...

Hope he feels better soon! Does he think it's a decent price to pay for sunshine and warm weather?

SiGraybeard said...

ahem.... A little poetry. Very little. Because I like you.
"Spring has sprung
the grass has ris
I wonder where the boidies is"

It has been spring about a month now, down south of you. As Midwest Chick said, the cars are yellow. And I'm using my Asthmanex steroid inhaler. Along with my zyrtec. Still rubbing my runny eyes and dealing with the "post-natal" drip (I've had it since I was born).

I don't think life was really possible down here until mosquito control and air conditioning both became common.

Hat Trick said...

I know how he feels. Wish him well soon. Don't let it progress to a respiratory infection.

The tree pollens are going off up here. That's why I'm "sheltering in place" today instead of enjoying the warm weather outside.