Friday, March 25, 2011

I need one of these for my secret lair

A totally steampunk door that fits a standard size door frames:

Whether secret lab or undersea lair, our audacious steampunk accoutriments suit the most demanding of environs. Door & Trim fits on a standard 30"x80" interior door, or functions as general wall covering when left as a whole. All are cast in durable .090 ABS plastic with a depth from 1/4" to 1".

Hmmm ... maybe instead of a secret lair, I need a secret undersea lair.

They have a bunch of them, all in the $100 range.  Want.


Carteach said...

Dearly love to have that.... and I have a perfect door for it. But, not with a $700 minimum order.

Paladin said...

I have lots of gears, cranks, and cogs in the workshop as parts for various projects yet to be realized... I've often thought about making something similar as an overlay for door to the gun closet.

The Wife would flip her noodle though :) She's cool with the Steampunk in my study but the rest of the house is a no fly zone. Besides, it would probably draw too much attention to what's behine that door and defeat the purpose of the low-key nature of our firearm security.

Rick C said...

That stuff actually needs to *move*.

SiGraybeard said...

+1 to Rick C! And Paladin. I have some gears and stuff, and metal to make more. Which is easy if they don't really have to move.