Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Department of Bad Ideas

To Old To Work, Too Young To Retire lays out the "brilliance" of the Harvard Men who see themselves as our betters.  From the People's Republic of Massachusetts, comes this:

I agree that this is bad policy and will put EMTs and paramedics in a bad position when a patient or their family decides that the questions are being asked so that care can be withheld or patients be directed to specific hospitals.  For example, if we have a patient that needs to go to a trauma center, specialty cardiac hospital, or stroke center because of the condition, we are likely to see resistance because that speciality hospital is not “their” hospital. We get some of that now, this will only make it worse. This will generate complaints which management will be obligated to investigate and do something about in order to appease the offended party.

In other words, it’s just the kind of stupidity that we’d expect from officious officials who know nothing about the industry that they are regulating. When the people at OEMS first started talking about this, they were warned that it would be a sensitive topic and that most EMTs and paramedics would balk at doing this.
He offers specific proof.  He also offers the opinion that the Right is stupidly demagoguing the issue.  Lastly, he offers proof that this demagoguing is at least temporarily effective:
I was going to include a link to the OEMS training Powerpoint, but suddenly it’s no longer available. Here is the link, so you can see for yourself. The fact that OEMS has killed the link and hidden the Powerpoint should tell you something about what kind of Crap Cyclone they are experiencing at their headquarters. Nothing says, “We’ve screwed up” if you’re from the government like taking down a web page containing embarrassing information.
Offered as a homework assignment to the discriminating reader, is to find said Powerpoint still cached on Al Gore's Intarw3bz ...

He filled this with smart, yessir.  Our "betters" from Harvard Yard keep telling us that they understand things better than we, because of their exceedingly large cranial capacity.  I keep waiting for a higher caliber of nonsense from tehir policies.  Still waiting.

Still, there does appear to be a musical way to address the invasion of super-cranial would-be Overlords ...

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