Sunday, March 20, 2011

In which I find that I am an idiot ...

We've know that for a while - don't think I don't hear you muttering that ...

So I do a blogroll update today, and forget to add Johnnyreb™ from Rebel Yell.  This isn't just FAIL, it's a trifecta of FAIL:

Fail #1: I stole the greatest firearms-related song since the 1812 Overture* from him.

Fail #2: He brings the Smart about whether you should carry with a round in the chamber.

Fail #3: I promised him on Friday that I'd add him to the blogroll, and forgot.

Fortunately, Southern Belle brings news of bigger idiots than me.  Yowzer.  That's stupid.  Thanks, Belle, for returning the spring to my step!

And it goes without saying that you should all be reading both of them.

* The 1812 Overture is scored for artillery and Orchestra.  That's tough to beat.


Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

Borepatch = Fail


North said...

We all take turns being idiots. I'll take a few extra turns if it makes you feel better.

ASM826 said...

Carry like you will use the weapon today. Round in the chamber every time. Then find a way to gain separation. Do not ever stand and take a knife thrust while you are drawing. Ever. You will die.

There's lots to say about how to deal with that attack, but standing and drawing is not it. You would be far better taking some Krav Maga and understanding how to blend off, capture the knife, and at least disrupt the attack, then draw and eliminate the threat.

But if your attacker is close, don't go for your gun, it's a fatal mistake. Google "the 21 foot rule" and consider your options.

Atom Smasher said...

1812 live at Tanglewood = Effing Awesome.

Ken said...

Don't forget Wellington's Victory in the roll of firearms-related music, although I'm not sure the musketry and guns are original.

Got a nice recording by Lorin Maazel and the Vienna Philharmonic that also includes the 1812 and the Marche Slave.

Goober said...

The "round in the chamber or not" discussion always brings me back to the same conclusion, which is:

THe reason that this discussion happens is because the people discussing it are uncomfortable with autoloaders, in general, and with "cocked, locked, and ready to rock" even more so.

Whenever this discussion comes up, I solve the person's problem by suggesting that they carry a wheelgun and leave the automatic in the safe at home.

There are a lot of benefits to a wheelgun - increased energy in the rounds, your malfunction drill consists of "pull the trigger again", there are no safeties to forget about, and the discussion on the safety of carrying one in the chamber is rendered moot.

The only downside, and I mean the ONLY downside to a wheelgun is that you only get 6 whereas you get 8 to 17 with an auto. When this is brought up, I mention that the vast majority of self-defense cases invlove less than four rounds at a distance of less than 4 feet. You would have to be insansely unlucky to find yourself in a situation where 6 wasn't enough, and that problem can be solved by dropping a speed-loader in your pocket along with the gun.