Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hog jowl bacon pizza

It's good.  Really good.

I saw a pack of "Pork Jowl Bacon" at the local Wally World, and I had to get some.  I remember the Virginia Bed and Breakfast I stayed at B.C. (before children), where the lady of the working-farm B&B made me hog jowls for breakfast.  I used to think that she did it because I was a Yankee; nowadays, I think she did it because she was nice.

They're good.

There's a trick, though.  Hog jowl bacon is fattier than regular bacon, so you have to cook it at a lower temperature (a shade under medium is what I set the skillet for) and let it crisp up.  It's sort of bacon-y cracklins.

Crumble on your pizza is all the rest you need to know.

And it looks like they're maybe half the price per pound of regular bacon.  We'll be eating more of this here at Camp Borepatch.


Dave H said...

Mmmm, bacon...

Every try cooking it in the oven? I use a wire rack on a rimmed cookie sheet. The bacon is less oily and the grease is easier to recover. It seems like it curls less, too.

AnarchAngel said...

Oooooh guanciale... need carbonara...