Thursday, July 7, 2011

ZOMG! There's a man with a gun!

Over there - at the Western Wear store!  I'd say that nothing happened, but that's not true: I bought a cowboy hat for #2 Son and a "You all can go to Hell; I'm going to Texas" T-Shirt for me.

See, that's exactly the sort of thing they Brady crowd said would happen.  The horror!  Still, the carnage could have been worse:

That is an "Assault" T-shirt right there.


kx59 said...

I've mused about Texas seceding many times. Recently I had a better idea. I think Washington D.C., California, New York, Massachusetts, and perhaps a few other "blue" states should secede and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

bluesun said...

I don't particularly care for Texas one way or the other--that is, I like all the people from there I've met on the internet, but everyone I've met from there in person are amazingly moronic--but I would hit the road with a pickup truck full of guns and junk the moment I hear about secession.

Quizikle said...

Texans speak a big story (a lot of them living >outside< the state talk forever about how great it is >inside< the state...but don't move back) but as far as "seceding"?

They blew it 150 years ago...and a month or so ago. The old-timers 150 years ago at least backed up their words with a good try.

If they can't buck TSA when they have a legitimate argument, they're not going to buck anyone. Except on a T-shirt.

And I was rooting for them - until they knuckled under so quickly and easily.

Dave H said...

kx59: Actually, much of New York state is red, or at least pink. But New York City is the tail that wags this dog. Many of us upstate would be perfectly happy if NYC would secede, flip us the bird and move to New Jersey, or fall into the ocean.

Paladin said...

I love those shirts. Its the general sentiment that I enjoy - with the full understanding, of course, that its not to be taken literally. That view is shared by most people that I know and I've lived here all my life.

People who take secession as a serious posibility are like the folks who get all worked up and claim that you can avoid paying income tax by simply pointing out to the authorities that its unconstitutional.

Yeah... try that in real life and let me know how you like your new living arrangements. Same with secession.

As for people liking Texas or not - I guess we could be considered an "aquired taste". Sure seems that a LOT of people have aquired the taste lately, though.

Dan said...

OMG. I need that shirt. Is there a website where I can buy it?

Borepatch said...

Dan, it's here.

NotClauswitz said...

There's some talk of Southern California seceding from California, and I'm all for it.
Two completely different geographical zones are involved: one is desert and needs water but has minerals and a good aerospace industry and still some manufacturing. The other is just plain StuPiD and needs to grow-the-fuck-up.