Tuesday, July 12, 2011

That's why they call it "concealment", not "cover"


You have to watch to the end to see shooting through a car door, but it's worth it.  It's also something to watch a filled water barrel jump when hit by a 7.62x39 round.  And get absolutely destroyed by a single .50 BMG round.

Via the indispensable Theo Spark.


Old NFO said...

Nothing like watching your 'cover' become very porous... Engine block... THAT is cover.

Goober said...

Engine block... THAT is cover.

It is very interesting how few things are really, truly cover when you are in a fight with a high-powered rifle. I've shot a hole right through a big block V-8 from 100 yards with my .300. I wish to this day that I'd taken pics, because no one believes me, and it isn't every day you come upon a big block that you can shoot holes in without pissing someone off royally. Hypothetically, a guy with a high powered rifle (.30-06 or bigger, say) can just shoot through any portion of a car that he wants to and hit what's on the other side - although it may become difficult to predict the deflections that the bullet will experience on its way through, so it may take some trial and error.

Cars are not cover. They aren't even really that good for concealment. Most pistol rounds will shoot through a car. Forget about rifles.

YOu get into a fight with a rifle, a masonry wall ain't good enough. About the only thing you can use for cover is an earthen barrier or concrete. I shot through a 12" thick chunk of wood once with my .300, too, so even most trees aren't going to cut it.

Funny story that. I shot through a log to see if i could hit a squirrel on the other side (it was a dare). Didn't get the squirrel, but not because the log stopped the bullet. i just missed.

SiGraybeard said...

The other night, my wife and I were watching the movie "Taken", about an ex-spy (Liam Neeson) whose daughter is kidnapped by sex slave traffickers and he sets out to rescue her.

There's a car chase/shooting scene and we were both puzzled why he wasn't getting killed in the car with bullets flying thicker than bugs. Then we remembered in magic Hollywood-land, bullets don't go through cars, unless they go through the glass.

We both were kind of puzzled by the whole thing until we remembered that.

kx59 said...

Love this video,BJF, a bud of mine sent the link to me in a email a while back, which I, in short order, lost track of.