Friday, July 29, 2011

The Truth will set you free

I Want A New Left has two posts that are required reading.  The first is diagnostic, about how the Intellectual Left's self-imposed knowledge bubble makes them ignorant:
After hearing feminist rhetoric on rape for several decades, it’s strange to be in the position of educating them on what is happening to women in Scandinavia, because they are usually the ones who know more about such things than anyone.
Zing!  And don't miss the follow-up, which dissects the New York Times with a thoroughness that would have been admired by Jacques Derrida. Double Zing!

Second, he argues for an antidote to the annual display of America Hatred which is the anniversary of Hiroshima.  This is anti-American guerrilla warfare by the intellectual left, he quite correctly points out, and recommends a bracing dose of Reality® that we can direct towards the Reality-Based Community™:
The point here is to counter the poisonous rhetoric that makes it seem as though America is a uniquely villainous country. This may have made sense forty years ago when our schools fostered patriotism and Americans were in denial about awful (or allegedly awful) things we had done, but today the situation is reversed, it seems, with schools dispensing information on nothing but the villainous things we’ve done while mentioning none of the bad things others have done. So, to restore some balance, here is my proposed lineup:

August 1: Bataan Death March Day

August 2: Rape of Nanking Day

August 3: Manila Massacre Day

August 4: Korean Comfort Women Day

August 5: Experiments on Live Prisoners Day
Simply superb.  I for one intend to do so cheerfully.  I also intend to post about the Left's curious silence about the fire bombings of Tokyo and Dresden, or why it would have been OK to nuke Berlin during the Great Patriotic War.  Not for nothing did Woody Guthrie's guitar say "This machine kills fascists."

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NotClauswitz said...

He left out, "Drive around the countryside in a gas-van killing retarded childred Eugenics-day."