Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quote of the Day

The Silicon Graybeard brings it:
One of the most persistent falsehoods heard from anti-gunners, I mean besides the penis jokes, is that gun culture folks are all toothless idiots who "jest wanna shewt sumthin".  Of course, when you're familiar with the facts, you know that a large percentage of the folks who carry study all the time: they study tactics, take classes and spend a fair amount of their resources trying to be ready should they be called on to use that gun they carry.
I'll happily discuss Aquinas, Catholic Just War doctrine, the inherent flaws in Plato's Republic, and how all that buttresses a natural right to self defense with lethal weapons with any of them.  If it makes them less nervous, I'll even put my teeth back in.

Oh, and I'll also make sure to let them know that not all cats are black after midnight, either.  Can't let that sort of ignorance flourish uncontested, even with such as the anti-gun crowd.  Knuckle-draggers they may be, but we must all do our part to help edumacate them.

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