Friday, July 8, 2011

Why we won the Cold War

Quantity may have a quality all its own, but if it's like this you're still on a Front Line of FAIL:

Via #2 Son


Dave H said...

See what happens when you buy that cheap surplus ammo?

NotClauswitz said...

LOL!! Just glad it wasn't still armed.

Six said...

Old Soldier story time.

I was a Redleg (that's Artillery to you civilians) in a M198 155mm Towed Artillery Battery. We were deployed to Japan to exercise with the JGSDF in 1984. One dark night on the range we were shooting High Angle HE/Time under Illum when one of the guys cut a fuse just a bit short. We later figured it went off about 100 feet out of the muzzle. I had shrapnel raining down on my FDC van and we were 100 yards behind the gun line. If the Russkies had seen us they would have been rolling down the Fulda Gap the next morning.
Ah. Good times.

instinct said...

In Soviet Russia, mortar fires you!

Boat Guy said...

Pulled a few too many increments, did we?