Thursday, July 7, 2011

This holster does not make my butt look big

My Dragon Leather Works Quantum showed up.

It's designed to be reversible, inside the belt or outside the belt.  I told Dennis that I was a complete n00b, and that the feedback he'd get from me would be from a n00b's perspective.  I haven't taken this anywhere, but here are some initial impressions:

1. This holster holds my Citadel 1911 very snugly.  Lots of folks have posted about how you need stiff leather for a good holster to hold the pistol snugly - the leather is certainly stiff, although as I said this is a n00b's perspective.  It's certainly better than the last holster I used, which blew chunks.

The pistol is certainly held securely.  I'd have to stand on my head for it to fall out.  Using a three-point stance (to be able to keep it from sliding, I got pretty close.  The 1911 didn't move.

But now that I've done that test once, I don't feel the need to repeat it.  Even unloaded, it seemed on the edge of "fooling around with guns", which is double-plus ungood and makes me nervous.

2. While snug, the 1911 comes out of the holster smoothly when I draw it.

3. It feels secure - the trigger is covered by the leather, and you'd have to really fool around with it (this is double-plus ungood, remember?) to cause trouble for yourself.

4.  It's pretty, in its outwards facing ("Barbecue holster") configuration.  It's a minute's work with a flat head screwdriver to unscrew the fasteners to reverse the belt hooks for concealed carry. 

5. I expect it's been 40 years since I wore a holster.  It's surprisingly comfortable, even sitting down.  Might be a different story with a full sized 1911.

6. I haven't tried concealed carry yet.  I'll post about that later.

It's a strange feeling walking around with a pistol on my hip, even if it's just inside Forward Operating Base Borepatch.  I'll have to reverse the belt clips and try concealed carry next.

7. Oh, yeah, it has a nifty logo, created by some d00d on teh Intarwebz:


Old NFO said...

Very nice, I like mine too! :-)

Keads said...

Nice holster! I need to look these people up!

Six said...

Schaweet!!(not that there's anything wrong with that). Range time.

espresso said...

What does the side that sits against your glute look like? If it is as smooth looking as it looks like it could be, then this thing could be a godsend. I have a Galco "OWB" strong-side holster and a Ted Blocker IWB holster (for a full-sized 1911), and in both cases, they get mighty uncomfortable after a short while (particularly the IWB rig), and doubly so after sitting down for awhile. That broad expanse of leather shown on your holster should help to prevent the muzzle and slide from poking and prodding in what becomes a rather painful fashion.

The Galco rig also squeaks, leather-on-leather, against my belt, kind of giving it away. Is the Dragon rig quiet?

Note that for IWB carry, you will probably need pants (and belt) with a 2" larger waist than you normally wear. Jackets can be specially tailored to minimize bulges and printing, too.

Borepatch said...

espresso, it's very comfortable. I would wear this during the drives between Austin and Atlanta - 14 hours in a Jeep, and the rig was basically unnoticeable (to me, and I guess to anyone else). Probably ten trips, and it was perfectly comfortable each time.

The pistol simply doesn't move. I've never noticed a squeek.