Monday, July 25, 2011

Blogroll updates

The Embedded Theologian (one of the top ten all time great blog names) is another libertarianish Linux guru (it sort of seems to be a requirement for the club).  He brings the snark, too:
I came across a form of this question in the comments over at Ann Althouse's blog... "Hey, Mr. Liberal. If you think food stamps are such a great idea, what's wrong with school choice programs and educational vouchers? They're just school stamps, right?"
The Orphan Wilde describes his blog as "A peculiar brand of misanthropy".  Well, his brand of misanthropy is pretty danged good, if you ask me:
Nobody should study martial arts for the purpose of self defense without also studying the use of firearms; in order to be capable of reacting appropriately to firearms, you must not only understand them, you must understand how your opponent will use them, what mistakes your opponent is like to make, and what his weaknesses will be.
No "there is no spoon" nonsense here, just smart analysis of all sorts of things.  When I get around to reorganizing the blogroll, he's going in the "Wicked Smaht Bahstids" category..

Cheaper Than Dirt has a blog, with some pretty cutting edge material.  Back when Top Shot was running, Caleb interviewed most (all?) of the contestants.  Now they're running a reloading clinic.  Pretty cool to get blogrolled there.

Welcome to the blogroll, everyone!  More tomorrow, as I shovel out from my shameful lethargy.  And the usual note: if you have a blog and have me on your blogroll, and if I haven't added you here, it's likely an example of my (lack of) work ethic.  Send me an email or leave a comment, and I'll add you here.

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