Friday, July 15, 2011

So when does the Obama meltdown happen?

"No drama Obama" was supposed to be the cool, intellectual, rational choice for President in 2008.  He even kept an even keep when questioned by Joe the Plumber, although he didn't answer very well.

That whole image is fraying now, and fraying badly.  It seems that pretty much everyone is posting about his "Call my bluff" statement.  Gotcher drama right here, bub.

So the interesting question is when will the frayed threads snap?  Obama hasn't had to deal with any sort of real crisis during his entire career, and it's apparent that he's thrashing about like a drowning man.  For someone with as inflated an ego as he has, this has to be an incredible source of frustration.  And an unfamiliar one.

So when does he snap, and just plain lose it in front of a camera?  More importantly, what should people be doing to hasten the snap?


Irish said...

I can't wait for it... you know the media won't show it but the blogs will run wild :)

Midwest Chick said...

It's been coming in increments. Like when he laid into that reporter in Texas and his latest little hissy fit.

People should be pointing them out, over and over again. Calling his bluffs, pointing out his lacks, laughing at the Emperor with no clothes.

Like PISSED said, the MSM will continue to cover, but they are not the only game in town anymore.

Bob said...

What you're referring to is a Nixon/Rather moment. This occurred when Dan Rather was asking pointed questions during a Nixon press briefing, provoking Nixon to ask pettishly, "Are you running for something?" Rather cheekily replied "No, Mr. President, are you?"

That won't happen with Obama because the current White House press corps is a sycophantic, rather than a hostile one.

Quizikle said...

One must be careful. If Oh-Obama is forced from office for something or another, we get to celebrate President Biden.

Though who knows? Maybe he would be good. Jerry was better than Tricky...

Obooma had "good" words (in some people's ears) and can't back them up even among his supporters; maybe Biden would have good actions even though his words are awkward. Just speculating, not proposing...

Don't really see anyone viable from the Repulsivekins for 2012

Pissed & MidwestChick:
In Nixon's time, the press wasn't as "owned" by the powers that be as they are now. "News" was news, not government platitudes. Had to read "The National Enquirer" or "People" for what we call news now.

I can't see the media doing any more than continuing "editorial selection" in the near future.

Stretch said...

I see a total cover up much like Wilson's final collapse and the country run by proxy by his wife. I'm sure Michelle will do a good job.

BobG said...

He isn't worth a damn without his pre-written speeches and his teleprompter.

kx59 said...

I think we saw all it is going to take to make him snap. Simply keep calling his bluff. It probably would not take to many more occurrences before he went completely batshit crazy on camera. He does have a big ego, but it is a gossamer shield of glass.