Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Living in the Future, and in the Past

This 4th of July weekend was spent flying from Austin to Maine, for Dad's Memorial Service.  Extra props to Mother Nature for a spectacular thunderstorm that closed Detroit Airport and got my flight to Bangor canceled.

Double extra crazy props to Delta Airlines for getting me to the service in time, anyway.

And yesterday was flying back, BAN-DET-ATL-AUS.  Uff da.

I'm glad I went, though.  Mom hadn't gotten her hearing aid for Dad's funeral, and so she got to hear my eulogy.  And I got to hear Dad's Maine friends tell stories on my pa.  And it's not a trip to Orono without Pat's Pizza.

But I'm really glad for the time I spent with Mom.  She and Dad had one of those "lightning in a bottle" relationships: madly in love, but friends.  Lifelong companions.  That's extra hard when one of them goes.  She and I had one of the best talks we've ever had, in no small part from the wisdom that you have left here in the comments.  Thanks.

But I'm tired now - more so than your typical long weekend.  Posting will continue later.  But for now*, it's time to spin down.

* I schedule posts the night before.  You're living in my future, as it were.

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Rev. Paul said...

BP, I'm sorry for the hole this will leave in your life, and your mom's. The pain may get crowded out by life's activities, in a week or two, but it will come back at odd moments.

It's okay, and honors him. And this helped me: remember that you're only parted for awhile; you WILL see him again.