Friday, July 22, 2011

United States State and Justice Departments "offended fundamental notions of justice"

So rules the Supreme Court of British Columbia.  While polite and written in legalese, the decision is clear and easy to understand.  The U.S. Government was just (deservedly) bitch-slapped.

It's a little easier to understand how they thought running guns to Narco-terrorists was a good idea: both these departments look like they're nothing but a Clown Car.

That's some righteous "Smart Diplomacy", right there.  But I'm sure that it will be a totally different story when they're running our health care.


Six said...

Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark. This is the problem with that nasty old case law and assumptions of open and complete disclosure in legal matters between sovereign states. If you run up against an honest judge you're going to have a problem. Especially if he's feeling intransigent.

Old NFO said...

They got it right!!! :-)