Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Shovel Ready" stimulus jobs

"Shovel ready" indeed:
 Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson, in closed-door testimony in front of Rep. Darrell Issa's committee, said administration officials sought to control and limit his communications with Congress, including withholding documents that made Melson "sick to his stomach" after he reviewed them.

On Dec. 14, Terry was fatally shot in the Arizona desert while patrolling one of the region's most dangerous drug- and human-smuggling corridors. He was shot in the back with an AK-47 assault rifle. Two weapons that were allowed to cross the border as part of Project Gunrunner were found at the scene.

The evidence suggests that Agent Terry's death was financed by the president's stimulus package with the full knowledge and support of Attorney General Holder.

Offered for your consideration, a theme song for Obama's ATF:


Quizikle said...

Now we must be fair. Our Dear Beloved Celebrity never told us what he meant by "shovel ready". People believed what they wished to believe.

Anonymous said...

The 9/11 truth is out on the internet.
This is the truth: The WTC was destroyed by 3 underground thermo-nuclear explosions. They were detonated by the US government which used this as an excuse to lead the US and its allies into invading Afghanistan and Iraq. All these wars and deaths were based on a lie.

Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Will you help to tell the truth to the world?
Be sure to watch the 26 part video there.
#4 is on the built-in nuclear demolition scheme of the WTC
#14 in on Building 7, which collapsed even though no plane hit it.
#24/25 is on the chronic radiation sickness of the WTC responders

Borepatch said...

Anonymous, and I guess those airplanes that we all watched flying into the buildings were an elaborate diversion.

But thanks for stopping by, and for the plucky comic relief!

Eagle said...

He got it ALMOST right. Y'see, the planes that crashed into the towers WERE carrying nukes. Two each. One of the nukes was set to explode as soon as the plane entered the middle of the building. The second was configured to eject from the cargo compartment and fall down the elevator shaft to the basement and explode in the underground parking lot.

The first nukes DID explode, and that's what caused the fires. Regardless of how much aviation gas was in the planes, it was the NUKE that caused the fire and caused metal to melt (e.g. Rosie O'Donnell's claims).

The second nukes didn't explode, but the plutonium inside powderized when they hit the basement floor - and that's what's been causing all the post-cleanup illnesses: radiation sickness!

(See how easy it is, BP? LOL!!!!)