Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Packin' and Stylin'

Dennis from Dragon Leather Works has an interesting idea - what if you could have a holster that would work rigged inside your belt (for those times when you want to be all covert) as well as outside your belt (say, for when you're at a Texas Barbecue)?  Obviously, the Barbecue bit means that you're showing off the pretty thing.

So he made one thats pretty:

And he sent one to me to try out.  It's said to be here now, so you'll hear about it in a while - I'm quite excited to have a holster that won't suck.

Dennis calls it the "Quantum" - you can't know where it will be.  Hmmm, said I: that sort of insanely fun  geekiness calls for some retro Photoshop The Gimp love:

That's the simple one.  But you know me - why stop at simple when you can get all complex:

After all, it's for a Barbecue, right?  People will know it's time to stop hitting the Shiner Bock when they can't figure it out.  And so, how about a poll?

Which logo for the Dragon Leather Works Quantum holster?

Just a clarification: by "I'll pay" I actually mean "You'll pay".  ;-)


SiGraybeard said...

Ever the tragic geek, instead of a planetary looking atom, I'd have p-orbitals, or something weirder from quantum theory. It would be darned tough to engrave in leather, but this image would be cool. Of course, 99.9% of the population would have no idea what it is.

That aside, I've always wanted to try a custom pancake leather holster that holds a gun really close to you, but never wanted to drop a lot of bucks for the experiment. Mrs. Graybeard just got a Crossbreed Mini-tuck to carry her Taurus Slim, and I tried it myself. That thing is so darned comfortable you forget you have it on within seconds, and it disappears to the outside world.

Old NFO said...

Dennis does good work! :-)

NotClauswitz said...

"Inspiration is 90% chain-reaction!"

BenC said...

I like the design but would prefer low visibility black clips instead of chrome.