Sunday, July 17, 2011

Found inside the Camp Borepatch secure perimeter

We got a visit today from The Big Guy himself, Uncle Jay.  After the obligatory excursion to the range for some recoil therapy (range report anon), we returned inside the wire for fried green tomatoes from the Camp Borepatch garden and grilled pork chops.

I now regret not planting three times as many tomato plants.  Dang, they were good.  And simple:
Slice green tomatoes 1/4" thick
Sprinkle with home made chili powder (roasted dried chilis ground in the blender)
Dredge in flour
Pan fry (I used too much oil; you only need an inch in your skillet)
sprinkle with salt
They're OK cold, but they're simply outstanding hot.

Oh, and biscuits.  With home made butter (which means home made butter milk).

But conversation with Jay was an excellent time.  I thought I've been to a lot of places, but he's been everywhere, with stories to match.  Just an excellent, excellent time.


The Czar of Muscovy said...

You're both welcome at the Castle. Even together.

We won't even question why.

Home on the Range said...

Uncle Jay is good folks. Tell him he needs to get back to IND for another visit.

The Big Guy said...

Dread & Awful (etc) Czar-
I'm going to take you up on that...
No doubt there is a TARDIS-like control panel at Castle G... As soon as I know when I'll be in Chi-town I'll shoot you (heh) a note and we'll see if you can bring that beast in for a three-point landing at Moscow-on-Lake-Michigan. Then the fun begins.
Hide the wimmin & chilluns, and lock up the livestock.

Brigid- I'm trying my best...
I'm seconded to the NHL for the next long while and y'all got no puck-pushers in Indy.

(BTW - Glad to see Barkley's cone-free and you've received the good news from the Dr... It was so sad to see him with the Cone of Shame.)

And BP- thanks again and again and again for such a great time.
You and the Mrs are Da Bomb.