Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When Basement Cat comes for my soul, I'm not playing this

I'm holding out for this, the awesomest Battleship game of all time:
Avalon Hill's Jutland game. No board, just pieces. Jim Dunnigan's first game, and man, what a game. My first introduction to real wargaming, in 1969 (can it really be that long ago?). We made the scale maneuver gauges, so instead of needing a room to play it, you needed a whole house. Mom had the patience of Job as we maneuvered our fleets down the hallway, and one of the high points of my gaming life was executing Admiral Scheer's battle turn away maneuver on the living room floor.

If you have to settle for a less awesomest Battleship game, you'll probably have to settle for this:

It's odd the memories that get triggered when you're on Al Gore's Intarwebz thingie.


wolfwalker said...

I think I prefer the Gygax Solution.

Anonymous said...

HA!! We used to set up elaborate battle scenes with multitudes of hand painted 1/72nd scale or HO models and units for those that may remember to recreate Civil War or WWII battle scenes spanning whole femily rooms at friends houses and then complete it by launching projectiles at each others troops and positions! Great times had by all! The best was when we went to a buddies place in the country(Granparents) and used firecrackers followed by "discovering" acetylene and propane and what we could do filling up ballons and a fuse! We had created NUKES!!!! Or standing back a ways and using our BB guns!
Oh the fun!! Much better then video games!!

Borepatch said...

Wolfwalker, I misspent a big chunk of my youth there, too.

Maddmedic, I still have some miniatures. I'll have to see if I can photograph them. And we never progressed beyond GulfLight. I like the nuke idea ...