Friday, February 19, 2010

Root Cause Analysis

You know, the last time some angry dudes flew a plane into a building, all we heard from the bien pensants was a bunch of "ask yourselves why they're so mad" and "ask yourselves why they hate you" and "what are the root causes of the anger".

What with the new Rassmussen poll out showing that only 21% of the population believes that the government has the consent of the governed, I'm sure that we'll start hearing Root Cause analysis on what the government is doing that makes people hate it from the same bien pensants.

Srlsy, we'll hear it any minute.


Paladin said...

Yeah. I'll hold my breath :)

I find interesting the fact that they are so quick to immediately pronounce that anything that happens "is not a terrorist act". They did it with the Ft Hood shooting, and at the onset of the underwear bomber story. One of the first news blips I heard about this story included the same pronouncement from "authorities".

It would save them some scrambling if they could just figure out a way to disclaim terrorist activities before the act actually occurs.

Of course all bets are off if someone with ANY rightwing conservatives ties does something even remotely nutty. It will be "domestic terrorist" threats out the butt every night on the news.

NotClauswitz said...