Saturday, February 20, 2010

Random I-95 musings

How on earth can a tourist destination like Myrtle Beach still not have a decent connection to the east coast's main north-south trunk road? We've tried four separate routes, as suggested by the iPhone GPS mapping ap, Mapquest, plain old paper charts, and "local knowledge". They all stink, which leads me to believe that the folks that Massachusetts progressives like to call "Town Fathers" want it that way. You can't get there from here ...

The left lane is for passing, people. I realize that nobody west of Dusseldorf believes that, but I'd bemore supportive of road widening budgets if I thought it wasn't subsidizing idiots who are too lazy to move over when they drive 5 MPH under the speed limit.

It seems that every other radio station in Dixie plays Classic Rock. If I lived down here, I'd probably listen to a lot less Country, cuz I'd be tuned into The Doors, Jethro Tull, and Bobby Seger.

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kahr40 said...

Welcome to the South.