Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Getcher patches! Microsoft security patches!

Get 'em while they're hot:

Microsoft is planning a bumper patch Tuesday, with 13 bulletins that collectively fix 26 difference vulnerabilities.

Five of the bulletins are rated critical, seven as important, and one as moderate risk. Eleven of the baker's dozen of notices affect Windows, while two involve Office.

All versions of Windows will need patching, but Win XP and 2000 users (with five critical bulletins to consider) have more to worry them than Vista and Win 7 users (with each OS getting three critical updates).

So that's pretty much everybody*.

As always, you get them here. You'll have to use Internet Explorer.

While you're over at Microsoft's place, you might want to check out the free Malicious Software Removal Tool. Recommended**.

You can also set up Windows to automatically get new security updates:

* Windows 2000? Srlsy - who still uses that?

** A snarky Linux geek might recommend the Ubuntu LiveCD to get rid of malicious software. Snotty brat.


ajdshootist said...

Do i need them i use Firefox all the time.

Greybeard said...

XP is patched and Gimp is updated, Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

I'd strongly recommend an Ubuntu liveCD. Install it to an old laptop drive in an eSATA enclosure, your Win partition will never know the difference.

As for Firefox, either that or Opera. Why not? IE8 is tolerable, but it is still an inherently attractive target for the black hats on account of its popularity.

Anonymous said...

Tell me again why I use Windows on 2 desktops and 1 laptop. And only have 1 Mac? And why I am always "fixing" something on the Windows and turn the Mac on and use it??
And that I have tried numerous version of Linux and see the inherent greatness of it and only have it on an old Compaq Tablet?

Gordon R. Durand said...

I'm looking at you right now with Windows 2000. Works great. Latest Firefox, Java, Flash, no problems. MS Works works too, after a fashion (all I use is the spreadsheet anyway). My favorite text editor, purchased in the previous century, still does everything I need. The JDK command line tools, along with Ant and CVS, provide a complete development environment.

What am I missing?

Borepatch said...

Gordon, that's pretty cool. FYI, Microsoft is going to stop releasing security patches for W2000 in about 4 months.

I'm a big fan of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", but as you know that OS is about to get unsupported.

Keith said...

Forgot to turn live update off after downloading the essentials, so:

my internet was bogged down next time I tried to use it, then,

I had to wait 10 minutes for the machine to start for a 2 minute job, and now,

I've got "MS genuine disadvantage" wanting to install every time I start up, and taking up even more of my already limited hard disk space.

I've been putting off getting a fresh hard drive because of the hassel of re-installing everything. Now it seems like a "genuine advantage!"

word verification says "shoutted"
I hope it's loud enough for MS to hear
My next macine will be a Mac

Keith said...

how the hell do I get rid of "windows genuine DISadvantage"?

I've tried system re set and it's still there wanting me to install it.

wrm said...

Windows 2000? I do. My boss insists on Windoze, and 2000 is the best of the lot (NT is more stable but no USB support).

Automatic updates? No thanks.