Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's against the law to have a gun in a Gun-Free Zone. Fortunately there was someone there who didn't wait for the police to show up, and tackled the shooter:
During regular emergency drills at Deer Creek Middle School in suburban Denver, math teacher David Benke always told himself and his students that, should something dire occur, he would try to protect them.

So when he spotted a rifleman shooting at students who were leaving school Tuesday, Benke didn't hesitate. "I made a promise," he said.

The 57-year-old teacher charged the gunman and knocked him to the ground. While an assistant principal grabbed the rifle, Benke and another teacher kept the shooter pinned until police arrived.
Bravo to Mr. Benke, and full marks.

Now can someone please explain to me why Mr. Benke can't be trusted to carry a gun to protect his charges?

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ASM826 said...

I've made my promises, too. I hope I am as true to them as Mr. Benke if it ever happens that I am called upon.