Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quote of the Day

Moe Lane, on "Progressives" and their world view:
Remember: we are talking about a group that is currently claiming with a straight face that having a 59/41 split in the Senate, a 255/178 split in the House, and the Presidency is not sufficiently overwhelming to let them accomplish their goals. Losing the House will not act as a laudable shock to their system; losing the House and the Senate will not do it, either. Losing both Houses of Congress in 2010 and the Presidency in 2012 won’t do it. God could descend from Heaven in all His glory (with Thorstein Veblen and William Jennings Bryan in attendance) and carrying a signed note from Franklin Delano Roosevelt telling progressives that they are being muddle-headed – and it won’t dissuade them from their belief structure.
But remember, these people are smarter than you. Nicer, too. It's not easy being the Vanguard Of The Future.


Anonymous said...

Well said, that man.


TOTWTYTR said...

More like the Vanguard of the Past, if you ask me.