Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brand damage

Ouch. Ouch.

Back story here, for people who haven't been reading me for a while. And that link is far, far too charitable.


ASM826 said...

How do the roads south look?

Anonymous said...

Water + what I regard as magic considering the source + sunlight = hydrogen.

Hydrogen at SATP, right? So how much of the yield must you expend compressing it to enough pressure to ship it? How clean must the water be?

Don't get me wrong, hydrogen as fuel is a stellar idea (heh) but it is presently a badly losing proposition when you consider the whole picture.

As for brand damage, if East Anglia did a study announcing the sun comes up in the morning, I'd still look for a better source.


Wardreamer said...

"He and colleagues now plan to refine the system, including lowering the cost by making it with less expensive materials. "There is no major reason for using gold or platinum," he says: those materials were used simply because they are common in the laboratory."

Wow; what have they been using all that ill-gotten research grant money on?