Friday, February 12, 2010

Quote of the Day- Hippie Olympic edition

The Daily Bayonet bills itself as "skewering the clueless since 2006". Hey, Daily Bayonets are bad for Children and other living things. Especially hippies:

The 2010 Winter Olympic games begin tomorrow [quote is from yesterday; the Olympics start today - ed] in Vancouver, the natural habit of Canadian hippies. Not surprisingly, David Suzuki, Canada’s perennial moonbat and self-promoter tries to muscle in on the IOC action and goes for Gold by giving the Games a bronze medal for environmental impact:

“The fate of winter sports, and the potential to host winter Olympics in the future, depend on choices we make today to address climate change,” says David Suzuki. “I’m inspired by the efforts of Canadian Olympic athletes, and I encourage the federal government and all Canadians to follow their lead and be part of the solution to climate change.”

Here’s a thought, if Suzuki really believed the planet was in peril, wouldn’t having NO Olympics be the best option? Or would being that honest affect his fundraising too much?

Hey Hippies and "Green" politicians - why not reduce your Carbon Footprint by not jetting off to the Olympics? Sheesh. Jet off to the People's Republic of Massachusetts, where JayG can show you how a real bayonet works. And he'll only use a pistol.


doubletrouble said...

Only a bronze medal!??

I think this calls for a Nobel Prize!

Nobels for everybody!


Anonymous said...

Re David Suzuki: I'm not with that guy.