Monday, February 15, 2010

My cheeks hurt from smiling

ASM826 took #2 Son and me to the range today, and as Too Old To Work Too Young To Retire suggested, we did indeed have a "Garand time". Range report tomorrow, but for now I'd like to leave you with four thoughts:

1. ASM826 is a fabulous host, and an outstanding shooting instructor. I can't thank him enough for spending hours of his time (and cans of his ammo).

2. Alas, I now have a burning desire to buy six specific guns, each of which is chambered for a different cartridge.

3. It's an experience to spend 8 hours in the car (plus the four at the range), keeping you incommunicado during a Tamalanche. Thanks to everyone who stopped by today, even if I wasn't able to make updates. 'Cause I was, like shooting. Wh00t!

4. I'm totally, completely, absolutely in love with the Garand. Range Report tomorrow.

Oh, and ASM826 has pix of my ugly mug up over at his place. Smiling cheek to cheek (oh, and the Massachusetts Legislature can kiss my hind cheeks if they don't like those high Standard capacity AR mags).


孔夫子, the Œcumenical Volgi (The Notorious ŒV) said...

Dude, which six guns? Inquiring minds want to know.

Garands do rock. Exceedingly handy gun for the amount of eff-you-up they bring. Patton was right…

Anonymous said...

Funny how hard it is to come back from the range without smiling!


NotClauswitz said...

A Garand is a must-have!

Old Radar Tech said...

Hard to go wrong getting one from CMP. John Carter would approve.

David said...

#2! 8.32 Jabberwocky here you come!

Wild Ed said...

It is amazing how you can hand someone a gun, some ammo and a target to shoot and all of a sudden they look like a grinning possum. Even kids that do nothing but play computer games get the stupid grin on their face when shooting a firearm. I bought my grandson and nephew a BB gun for Christmas and both have gone nuts over them. They used to do nothing but school and sit and play computer games. Now they want to go out and shoot. Ain't it great.

Anonymous said...

A day at the range can have that effect. Yes when can we go back?
Yesterday soon enough.

See Ya