Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blogroll Additions

Each time I update my blogroll I ask folks to contact me and let me know if they've blogrolled me, because otherwise it might be a while before I notice. Well, it worked! Misanthropic? Me? Inconceivable left a comment to let me know about his new (to me) blog).

And a beautiful, restful layout it is, too. And, we learn from him that Grumpiness is a sign of advanced civilization. I feel more rested already!

The Six writes on The Warrior Class over at, well, The Warrior Class. He has a very interesting post up about Gays. Forget Gays in the Military - what's the proper place of Gays in Society? He nails it.

Also, we have God, Guns, and Grits. Srlsy, what more do you have to know about him? He packs some interesting heat with a S&W "Shorty Forty" review, and describes an encounter with a gentleman married to "the perfect wife".

Boots has a new blog, Boots and Shoots. He's not wordy like me, but boils it down to the hard truth: Freedom isn't free. Nor should it be. He has some thoughts on 1911s and Glocks, and other lesser options that I quite like:
The 1911 has served me well. One sits in my desk and is treasured because it has sent thousands upon thousands of rounds down range. It is a classic worthy of consistent praise.

So are the Glocks. Hate them if you like but again, from a performance standpoint, they have sent thousands of rounds down the range and have not once failed me in any way, shape or form. Ditto the Sigs.
And Common Cents dropped a line, leading to his posts on the media coverage of the whole Global Warming controversy. He does a much more thorough job of watching the watchers, and has the video to prove it.

Welcome to the blogroll!

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