Sunday, February 28, 2010

How do you back up your blog?

A question for bloggers out there: how do you back up your blog? I've been dumping the HTML into OpenOffice and saving each month as a file, just in case. It's probably paranoid, but (a) I was trained to be paranoid by the finest minds in the Free World, and (b) it gives me an easy way to get a monthly word count.

I don't know if I'm getting too heavy on embedded video or something, but OpenOffice has been getting cranky lately - it's been crashing as I dump the data into it. I could probably feed it in smaller mouthfuls, but thought I'd ask Teh Intarwebz for their collective wisdom.


Home on the Range said...

I put the whole thing on a thumb drive every 3 months. That's about it.

Borepatch said...

Do you just save the HTML pages? I.e. "File -> Save As"?

Shy Wolf said...

Dunno who "Teh Intarwebz" is, but I just email the page to myself. If I wuz smart enuff to do it some other way, I probably would. Still dunno how to print the Emails. :(
LOL, just geting ready to "check out" and look at the veri-word: "gomastr". Duz that mean sumpthin?
Oh, BTW: I do like your posts, even though most go ZING! over my head.

Anonymous said...

Subcribe to your own RSS feed?


soulful sepulcher said...

What? you mean you don't handwrite the posts first? lol

Thank goodness someone else up there admitted to some of these posts going 'zing' over their head, uh....

Google cache keeps it all anyway!

GuardDuck said...

Open office has been crashing on me a bit since the last update.

Jay G said...

Back up?

uh oh...

JP said...

I generally don't back up unless I am doing some big change to the blog software itself.

That said wordpress is pretty easy to back up. Just use the export tool and save the entire thing in an xml file.

Additionally if you host your site yourself you can use FTP to download the ENTIRE thing to your local disk.

None of this really helps since you use blogger but if its a big concern you can always upgrade to WP. Its much more powerful IMO.

stoneburner said...

1. Log into blogger
2. Go to Settings
3. Click "Export Blog" at top of page.
4. Click "Download Blog"
5. Save the .xml file