Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You're the reason we can't have a nice society

Well, not you.  These people:


Quizikle said...

Top: Hawking, Einstein,?, Sagan

Middle: can't make it out: Curie?, not sure

Bottom: Tesla, Freud,?,Darwin (gee...I don't know any in the third column)

...and some waitress bringing everyone a beer

Ken said...

Top-row ? is Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Bottom-row ? is (I think) Christopher Hitchens.

Borepatch said...

Top: Hawking, Einstein, Hirsi Ali, Sagan

Middle: Marie Curie, Thomas Paine

Bottom: Tesla, Freud, Hitchens, Darwin

On the right, I think that's Snooki.

Personally, I would have picked John Locke over Paine, but that's me.

Anonymous said...

Interesting choices.

Luton Ian said...

Ayaan deffinitely belongs on there. Paine will do, I suppose, but yeah, Locke would have been much better, Mises and Rothbard rather than Freud and Einstein, Mendeleev instead of Curie - he did afterall perfect nitrocellulose smokeless powder, as well as the periodic table).

Who is the woman on the right?

Borepatch said...

Who is the woman on the right?


ASM826 said...

Snookie! OMG Eleventy ONNNNEEEE!!!11!

lelnet said...

Well, I managed 6 out of the 10 from the left (couldn't ID anyone in the third column, or Darwin, visually, although I'll also admit that getting Curie was more about getting lucky on my guess than actually knowing what she looked like).

"Snookie"? Even being told that's who's on the right, I still don't know who it is. Doesn't especially look like somebody I'd want to know more about, either. she that alleged person South Park parodied in the ep where Kyle's mom turns out to be from New Jersey?

Anyway, it's a cute visual allusion, but being able to identify, say, Thomas Paine by his historical significance is rather more important than being able to identify his portrait, so I don't feel guilty about missing almost half.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I wasn't intent upon leaving a comment until I got to the word verification which just happens to be (wait for it)...troll...(I'm not making it up and even copied it).

The internet has commanded me to be a troll and tell you and all your readers they suck. Since I am just a *poser* troll that is the best I have. If I was a real troll I would have been able to put an inane rant worthy of Larry Correia's site here.

Now back to your regular programming.

btw: I got 6 right without looking, and still have no idea who Snookie is. My age (or intelligence, or taste) must be showing. Thank God for that.

Goober said...

I've asked this a million times on other blogs that have mentioned it, but WTF is a "Snooki" and what does it do?

She looks freaking wasted in that pictures, which I think is backed up by the fact that that is a huge margarita which she appears to be adding a couple of coronas to while drinking it.

I'm sure that she has a proud father somewhere in teh world that is just beaming with delight at his daughter getting wasted on the internet.

Shy Wolf said...

So the Troll got six right without looking- obviously, he doesn't need eyes like most humans. Oh, right: he's Troll.
Well, I looked and I didn't get any of them right, though I thought one was Darwin, wasn't sure.
Snookie who? Seriously- is she someone people would know?
Gawd, I feel iggerint.
My Troll word is> happri : 'I'm happri iggerent of all those peeps'