Monday, February 27, 2012

Modern Art isn't as clever as it thinks it is

Forgiveness Perfume:

Look, I know that the easiest game is town is épater les bourgeois, but this is just sort of phoning it in.  Yeah, yeah - horrible evil symbol combined with "Forgiveness".  I get it.


It's boring and lazy.  Why don't you try something more interesting, like George W. Bush and "Forgiveness"?  That would épater the hell out of your Gallery showing, now wouldn't it?  Oh, right - bad for business.  Don't want to be too fresh and original, do ya?


North said...

Looks like it is filled with jews.

Jooos. Juice.

Funnier spoken than written.

Dave H said...

Wonder if they got a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to create that bit of genius.

NotClauswitz said...

But George Bush WAS a Nazi, and a Ku-Kluzxer and all that, so it's the same thing! /sarc

NotClauswitz said...

OTOH they could have put a crucifix (or star of David! Elevenz!!) on it and filled it with BLOOD!!
Either way it's a simple-minded and thoughtless cliche as sophomoric and derivative as they come.

LSP said...

Hunh. Have to send some of that to m'wife.


Lissa said...

What's sad is that I didn't know it was art. I just assumed some artsy-fartsy fellow had decided producing it so all the most righteous kids could make a statement.