Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Windows 7 touchpad

Has anyone seen a situation where a laptop's touchpad just stopped working with the driver being reported as corrupt?  Uninstalling and reinstalling just results in Windows saying that the latest driver is installed, but it then also says that the driver is corrupt.  Even doing a system restore doesn't fix anything.

Windows is more like Walls without a mouse/touchpad.  Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Rignerd said...

Logitech M305 wireless mouse, about $20 in Target stores, $15 online.

Assuming a synaptics touchpad, I would search for any file or folder with that name, note it and delete or move it to a removable device. Do the same in the registry, then down load the drivers from the manufacturer and do a clean install. This is based on the assumption that a .dll or .inf is actually corrupted and the new install just checks for the presence or installs to a different folder and plug and pray is ignoring your puny attempts to lead it to the good stuff.

Anonymous said...

This will require Admin rights. Check the Mice and other pointing devices section in the Device manager. Locate the entry for the Touchpad and delete it. Reboot the computer and let it reinstall.

ASM826 said...

+1 for anony's suggestion.

Also, does it work okay with a mouse? If so, disable the touchpad and leave it disabled.