Sunday, February 26, 2012

Misspent youth

I saw this recently here in Austin:

It reminded me of my misspent youth, when 2cents and I would hang out in the basement of Barstan's pub on Mill St. in Orono, Maine (right next to Pat's).  They'd get Irish music from Schooner Fare, and we'd do shots of Jameson's Irish Whiskey with a beer chaser.  After enough shots, we could sing this with them.  Or at least, it seemed that we could.

Good times, good times.  Except for the time that Bill fell face down on the table and we (meaning me, not 2cents) had to drag him up the back staircase so he could get sick in the parking lot, not on the table.

Matter of fact, I used to be able to play this song on the guitar from memory.  Sounded better after a few shots, if I recall correctly.  Man, that was a long time ago.


greg said...

Yeah, but it must be a sign of some rough economical times that a pint of beer and a shot of Bushmills is destroying a $10 bill...

Shocking to someone like me who's a Black Velvet and PBR type of guy...

libertyman said...

Many pleasant memories evoked by your post! Thursday nights at the Shamrock across the street from Pat's were always fun. ( So I am told) .
I saw Schooner Fare in November, and the crowd is a lot grayer than when we were just out of college!

2cents said...

For the record:

1. Borepatch was across the table from Bill, so he dragged Bill to the parking lot out of self preservation, not altruism.

2. No matter how many shots we did, he never sounded good.

3. I consider it a WELL spent youth.

Stretch said...

Seen Schooner Fare lots of times. From smoky bars (remember them?) to the shore of the Chesapeake Bay (a.k.a. The Virginia Sea - really!)
Time to plug the turntable (damn I AM old!) into the stereo and put on Symphonic Schooner Fare and break out the Jamesons.
Thanks for stirring up pleasant memories.