Sunday, February 12, 2012

Emmanuel Chabrier - España

Image via Wikipedia
Emmanuel Chabrier was a late 19th Century French composer who is, quite frankly, pretty obscure.  Admired in his day, he is now known for pretty much just two pieces, Joyeuse Marche and this.

He has a certain Internet  cachet because a 1910 Pathe recording of his España is up on Youtube, played on a period Gramophone.  As near as I can tell, this is the oldest recorded classical music that you can hear in its original form, from an orchestra that met to record it over a century back.


libertyman said...

I had heard the tune, and now know a lot more about it. Thanks ! I will explore Charbrier's other works as well.

Hat Trick said...

Great find on that youtube video! I enjoyed seeing the inner workings of the machine as much as the music.

wv: lowedge, as opposed to cutting edge? Skynet is watching :-)