Saturday, February 25, 2012


A lesson from Canada.  Reader Dan emails this story of tyranny from north of the border:
KITCHENER — A Kitchener father is upset that police arrested him at his children’s’ school Wednesday, hauled him down to the station and strip-searched him, all because his four-year-old daughter drew a picture of a gun at school.


The school principal, police and child welfare officials, however, all stand by their actions. They said they had to investigate to determine whether there was a gun in Sansone’s house that children had access to.

“From a public safety point of view, any child drawing a picture of guns and saying there’s guns in a home would warrant some further conversation with the parents and child,” said Alison Scott, executive director of Family and Children’s Services.
The punchline is that the guy doesn't even own a gun.  But because a four year old drew a picture, he gets the full treatment from his Canadian Overlords, who don't think they've done anything wrong.  On the contrary.

Compare and contrast with the anarchy part:
Police-reported data showed that among young people, the use of guns in violent crime is increasing. The rate of youth aged 12 to 17 accused of a firearm-related offence has risen in three of the past four years, increasing 32% since 2002. The overall firearm-related crime rates for youth were driven primarily by robberies.

In 2006, 1,287 young people were accused of a violent offence in which a gun was used. They accounted for 2.8% of all youth accused of violence; in contrast, 1.8% of adults accused of a violent offence had used a firearm.
So all the policing and gun laws that the Canadian Overlords implement don't seem to be working very well.  In short, the mix of these two toxic brews is what's called Anarcho-Tyranny, where lawlessness is seen at the same time as draconian punishment of the law abiding.  Unwilling to control the criminals, the Government controls the innocent.

I keep waiting for a Progressive to explain to me how this will produce his New Jerusalem, but they just keep saying mistakes were made or some such.  Yeah, that's my point.


Dave H said...

Well, clearly citizens are incompetent parents otherwise there wouldn't be a youth violence problem. It's up to the government to save them!

Excuse me, I think I just made myself ill.

SiGraybeard said...

So why would they strip search him? Do they think he's hiding a gun up his a**? Wouldn't a pat down reveal any 1 pound hunk of steel?

I suspect the answer you'll never get is "because we can".

Hey - at least they got the long gun registry killed.