Friday, February 17, 2012

So who does the GOP see as the real enemy?

Obama or the Tea Party?
The correct moment to tell Gingrich to leave the race, of course, was the moment he decided to enter it. No one was ever going to vote for the corrupt and thin-skinned little troll. The only purpose he served was to make Santorum and Romney look half-electable by comparison, and they both possess the electability of a Republican candidate in the classic Dole/McCain vein. They'll lose, but they'll lose respectably and make it look as if the Republican Establishment actually wanted to win the election.

Which, as is readily apparent, it doesn't. Obama is obediently bombing who he's told to bomb and defending the interests of the banks he's told to defend. So long as his handlers can sufficiently head off his self-destructive political instincts - seriously, he's picking a fight on healthcare now? - and keep him from quitting the race in a morose tantrum, the Republican Establishment will be perfectly satisfied with a loss to Obama it can blame on the Tea Party.

We have a very strange situation in 2012 where it is the Democratic Establishment that wants Obama out whereas the Republican Establishment is perfectly content with the idea of him serving a second term.
S who do you think that the Republican Establishment sees as a bigger threat?



Dave H said...

Depends on what the GOP leadership's biggest priority is. If it's getting someone in the Oval Office, it's Obama. If it's keeping their jobs and containuing to line their and their supporters' pockets, I'd say it's the Tea Party.

If it's removing obstacles to the average American's success... well, it doesn't matter because I don't see any evidence that this is a priority for anyone in the party.

Ken said...

I'm not sure it's a priority for anyone anywhere.

Ready to throw in with the secesh yet? ;-)

Weer'd Beard said...

I dunno Dave, they're giving a SOLID D- Effort at the Whitehouse, and feilding big-government GOP RINOS.

They're practically BEGGING for an Obama 2nd Term.

What they hate are people who might clip their wings.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but I think America needs a formal third party for the Tea Baggers.

I suppose all it would do is guarantee another Obamacy if a third party were brought in - but it seems the libertarians and conservatives of America have some insurmountable differences.

BP - Who does the Tea Party consider the bigger enemy?

Rick C said...

Bear in mind that there's no real downside for the GOP establishment if Obama gets a second term--I doubt that a Bill Clinton/JFK clone could win on the Democrat ticket.

Quizikle said...

The American public.