Sunday, February 19, 2012

You're the reason we can't have a nice Internet*

Google Earth:

True dat.

* Well, not you.  All those other folks, though.


Hat Trick said...

I don't think I looked at my own house on Google Earth until the fourth or fifth time I used it.

One startling thing to look at was all the development that has occurred in the area of MD where I used to live twentysome years ago. Could not locate friends houses by landmarks anymore and the last apartment complex I'd lived in there had doubled in size.

Weer'd Beard said...

I look at the Hilltop Dorms at U-Maine and laugh at them being Swastikas!!!

Dave H said...

I use Street View on Google Maps to stalk my fiancee. Sometimes I sit for hours, looking the front door of her house, hoping she'll come out where I can see her. She never does though. I think she knows I'm watching.


bluesun said...

I sometimes use it at work. And for looking at other people's awesome houses.

ASM826 said...

Whatever we look at, we can only do it because Google did it first.