Sunday, February 26, 2012

So what do you do about this Judge?

A bunch of folks are posting about the Judge who seems to think that using precedent from other countries that insulting Islam is a crime, some how isn't an establishment of Religion.  Everyone is pretty exercised with this guy, as they should be.

I left a comment at Old NFO's place saying that this is a Judge who shouldn't be drawing a paycheck from the taxpayers.  I didn't make up that line, I got it here:

The part directly applicable starts at about 5:20, but the whole thing is worth watching.  Newt is inconsistent, and seems undisciplined as often as not.  But when he's on his game - as he is here - he shows that he is the only one who can take the true battle to the opposition: to show not just that their policy is wrong, but that it is fundamentally immoral.

What is it that is best?  To crush your enemy's ideology, to see it driven from the airwaves, and to hear the lamentation of his Professors.

Romney won't do this.  Ron Paul tries, but can't make it understandable to the mass of the voters.  Santorum doesn't try.  There's your field: inconsistent, missing in action, incoherent, and hors de combat.  But make no mistake - this is a battle of ideologies, not personalities.


wolfwalker said...

FYI, Borepatch: Andrew McCarthy has a post up at National Review Online that includes a direct response from the judge in question. It casts a VERY different light on this incident.

I frankly don't know who to believe.

Borepatch said...

Wolfwalker, the Judge sure seems biased, even though he's not Muslim. The Skokie/Nazi case seems to have pretty well settled things.

Or the Westboro Baptist Church idiots should start preparing themselves for a now legally justified beat down.

TJP said...

These people are entertainers depositing words on America's short-lived political memory. Leviathan has no reins.