Saturday, January 14, 2012

This is so awesome that it draws blood

I think that this must be the "Tea Partiers are Terrorists" President of the Civility Project trying to make amends.  It's very, very well done and if I'm right, very gracious by Ms. Harrop.

Popehat to Advice Goddess to me to you.  Nuthin' nut 'Net.

UPDATE 14 January 2011 11:57: Bah, embed FAIL. You'll have to click through to Advice Goddess to watch.  Helpful Ptotip to the idiots doing the Daily Show's web marketing: if you want to allow people to embed this - you know, to get web presence - then it helps to give people embed code that actually, you know, works.  Love, Borepatch.

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Chris said...

Saw this yesterday on Facebook. This is what I posted there: Hers is the most severe case of compartmentalization I have ever seen. As Oliver is pointing out (bludgeoning out?), she is two people: one is an editorial writer who feels justified in using inflammatory language to slam a political opponent, the other is an allegedly dispassionate observer who deplores the hyperbole so often used in political discourse. (Please note: political discourse was far coarser in the 19th century. And often more violent.)